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JMC provides Off Airport Check-In Services from residence to airport and from airport to the residence

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Luggage Transport

How JMC Works

Issuing Your Boarding pass and luggage tag at your home

We collect your luggage in your behalf

We deliver your luggage to the airport

We deliver your luggage to your home

Our Custoemrs

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With digital and cloud technologies, we bring to you the guest service counter at the time and place you select to check your required documents and travel documents. We will issue boarding-pass, baggage tag, collect luggage, and transport to the airport.

You can book any time 6 hours before your flight take-off (depends on availability) but when you book 48 hours before your flight take-off that gives you the possibility to choose the appropriate time for you to come to your residence, and you will be served when our representative arrived according to your time that you chose before your flight departure time.

JMC provides services on behalf of the airline and apply their luggage system, so you can review the airline’s system.

Luggage insurance and compensations according to Company policy.


The latest digital and cloud systems in travel services and the aviation industry.

Vehicles equipped with the best digital surveillance systems (CCTV).

Packing luggage with protective cover during service.

Luggage is sorted by serial numbers.

Your luggage will photographed upon receipt as will as upon delivery. 

God willing, we are ready to start and serve all airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the airline contract which signed.